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Here we will post our ideas and thoughts about designing the first Parklet in the Lakeshore/Grand Avenue area.  We want to build a permanent parklet in front of Arizmendi and also build trash enclosures for the Footlocker area and the Noah’s Bagels area.  The City of Oakland is setting up a pilot permitting process and plans to hand out 8 permits by Spring 2012.  These 8 “permanent” parklets will be evaluated after 6 months to determine if the community supports them on a long term basis.  We will be looking for funding sources, salvaged materials, and volunteers to help build.  We are just in the beginning stages, so…….more details to come.

We want the community to support the design; hence, we encourage comments from our community so we can collaborate on the creation.

Here is our Facebook Page for the Permanent Parklet, so you can “Like” it and show the City the community supports these projects.

Facebook Page:  Permanent Parklets on Lakeshore Ave and Grand Ave

What is a parklet?  A parklet is public open space created in an urban setting by taking over unused space and/or 1-2 parking spaces.  The idea is to foster an environment that celebrates pedestrians and people.  A parklet is a patio space extended off the sidewalk to allow for people walking by to sit, rest, talk, write, eat, and gather….etc…  Parklets were first started in San Francisco in 2005 and have become a creative fun way to beautify a neighborhood and enhance a street image.

If you prefer not to post your comments on this blog, please feel free to contact us directly with suggestions, photos, comments, questions…etc.