Get Involved/Contact Us

If you want to get more involved in the project, please reach out to us.  We are looking for volunteers.  Right now we have no funding for this project and are looking to get salvaged materials and volunteer labor, if possible, to build the parklet.  If we can fundraise enough money, then we need volunteers to help us with that.  We are contemplating grants and a Kickstarter page.

We want to know your thoughts and get your feedback.  Both negative and positive.  It is our intention that this project truly serves as a reflection of our community.


3 thoughts on “Get Involved/Contact Us

  1. I live on Lakeshore, and I *love* this idea!! I stopped by Sara’s parklet on Saturday, and absolutely loved it. Thanks, Sara, for anchoring this part of the project; the parklet would be a wonderful addition to the Grand-Lake neighborhood, and I fully support it.

  2. I also live in the neighborhood and would support this effort but we shouldn’t be shy about doing something bigger. There are odd empty spaces all along Lakeshore that, with very little effort could accommodate either more parklets or parking relocted to make the parklet larger. I strongly urge that we do a companion one across from Arizmendi at Peets who gets as much traffic and has no room for outdoor seating. It would be great. The ambulance parking spot (red zone) could go across the crosswalk area to in front of the veggie market.

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