Since the Lakeshore Business Improvement District (“BID”) is who most likely will pull the permit for this permanent parklet, we have been told the City will require that they maintain a $500,000 to $1 Million in Liability coverage.  The BID currently maintains $2 Million in Liability coverage.  So, in terms of costs, it does not appear that there will be an upcharge for this.

We are in the midst of talking to many of the permit holders of permanent parklets in San Francisco to understand their concerns and how they addressed them.  On July 13, 2011, SPUR (San Francisco Planning & Research Association) held a tour of the Valencia Street parklets in the Mission district between 15th Street and 24th Street.  On this busy street where traffic can be congested and there is an abundance of pedestrians, these permit holders appeared to have any and all qualms reassured.  The risks associated with liability issues were ironed out during the design phase to ensure traffic flow would not endanger pedestrian activity.  The permit holders we talked to on Valencia Street did not consider this matter a deterrent or factor that would constitute the project unfeasible.

We plan on continuing this conversation to make sure we consider all angles and perspectives.


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