We intend to have the Lakeshore Business Improvement District (“BID”) pull the permit for the parklet, and therefore be obligated to maintain it and take care of all upkeep.  Two of our Core Team Players are members of the BID board and will work to gain the full support from other BID board members.  We have had initial conversations with Arizmendi, and have received a lot of positive feedback. We hope that Arizmendi is willing to include this area in their routine clean-up throughout the day as it will be so close to their shop.  We also plan to engage Yogofino since, most likely, their patrons too will be a natural extension of the parklet.

We want to emphasize that this parklet will be for the PUBLIC and there will be a sign stating it as such.  However because of the proximity to Arizmendi and Yogofino, it is logical to assume their customers will benefit greatly; hence we will want their support in day to day maintenance.

The BID currently has pressure washing and litter pick up services for Lakeshore Avenue and when the permanent parklet is built, we are hoping the BID can add this scope of work to the services.


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